Every year, on the last weekend of May, Los Angeles Exhibition Center hosts an exhibition of the up-to-date furniture designs. It attracts designers, experts and developers of furniture from all over the world. The exhibition areas represent economical solutions for furniture using LED lamps, unusual design of stairs, compact, modular sets, futuristic fireplaces, intricate kitchen units, as well as new types of paints and flooring.

Modernity and technology are indispensable conditions for participation in the exhibition. It is difficult to find something familiar in the forms of the furniture represented on the exhibition. In addition l https://fk-vintage.com/purchase/shoun/  https://www.celeb-lady.jp/  https://foozoku.net/to its traditional purpose, modern furniture should have many additional features, it is obliged to provide for the needs of home energy saving. Static installation of plants, such as cacti for hot regions and multi-colored carpets of mosses for northern countries become an integral part of the interior.

Many of the exhibited items of furniture are made from recycled materials. Shiny elements are virtually absent in their design. Eco-minimalism becomes a popular trend. The rational approach to the mandatory use of space and the adaptation of high technologies are also important. Luxurious carved sets of furniture from expensive wood are replaced by neat sets of natural colors. Combinations of contrasting colors are extremely popular, which is especially welcome in the decoration of kitchens. The interior focus is shifted from furniture to lighting, spotlight LED lamps save energy and offer an unlimited field for the boldest design solutions. This kind of furniture can be purchased at the furniture store Los Angeles.



Traditionally, Paris is the place, where the season of exhibitions devoted to the latest developments and innovations in the market of home interior starts. In January, the best designers, furniture makers, decorators from different countries become participants of the famous exhibition Planète Meuble Paris.

Every year, the interest to the furniture exhibition Planète Meuble Paris held in the best French traditions becomes ever higher. Such popularity is a result of the organizers policy. They deliberately do not focus on the commercial component of the event, and position it as a significant cultural event for

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