There has always been a debate as to whether PDF magazines are interesting or Android based ones. The Android Magazine Apps offer an excellent solution to this problem. So, with this software program, you can convert your traditional PDF based magazine into an Android based one. Your readers can now carry your magazine in their pocket and go through it whenever they like. When you are all set to publish your magazine in the Android format, you can simply get an Android based magazine at the click of your mouse button. What’s more, it would offer you more than just page flipping features. Not only would your readers be able to flip the pages like a real magazine, but they would also be able to enjoy embedded videos, links, and many other features. Not only is it beneficial for your readers, but also for your sponsors and for the publishers. Virtually RealWhen you convert your magazine into an Android friendly format using the Android Magazine Apps, you would be able to add realism to it. It will feel virtually real, in that you can achieve the same effect as in a virtual reality game in your magazine too. Your readers will be so engrossed in reading your magazine that they would probably notice nothing else. With the flat and uniform format of the PDF files from which your magazine has been converted, your audiences may not have an incentive to flip through the pages of your e-magazine. On the other hand, they would love to go through your e-magazine in case it has been made livelier using the Android magazine application. The Android magazine would, on the other hand, delight your readers by lifting up their vibes. You could add colourful layouts, rich images, video embedding, and many other features to your e-magazine. The most interesting aspect of reading an Android based magazine is to be able to flip pages like you would in a real magazine. You do not have to click on any arrow button to move to the next page. Just Like A Real MagazineReaders always love this magic that has been made possible by the Android Magazine Apps. The experience would always be cherished by your readers when they are able to view embedded videos in the articles, search for articles, and the like. What’s more, your sponsors can directly place advertisements in your e-magazine. From all the angles, it would be advisable to publish your magazine in a completely new format. The benefits are many. Moreover, everything that you publish is as real as your bank account.

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