For a start, what we do know about DisciplesCross is the fact that it is a home-based business program that enables members to craft items and then make money out of them using one of two methods. One is a buyback system and the other involves selling and marketing the item you’ve created yourself.

One interesting thing about this business is the fact that it is advertised as a Christian business opportunity. While most people may think that a business has to be legitimate due to the fact that it is Christian-based, this way of thinking doesn’t seem to justify this conclusion at all and I believe it is best to take a also look at what makes a business opportunity tick. One other interesting fact about DisciplesCross is that it was created by a Christian pastor named John Raymond. If you can recall, John took part in CBS’s Survivor: Thailand.

Now let’s take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of DisciplesCross. While Pastor Raymond assures any DisciplesCross member of a profit, I am personally not a fan of such assurances. It is evident that Pastor Raymond seems to be relying on his buyback system in order to give out such assurances.

How does the buyback system work? It actually sounds very simple. You craft a cross and the program buys it back to you if it passes their inspection. However, crafting the cross that’s capable of passing their inspections isn’t an easy feat at all. The discussion boards of the site are filled with members voicing out their frustrations regarding the rate of rejections. This is certainly the biggest problem with DisciplesCross and its buyback policy. So does the viability of this home-based business opportunity end there? Not necessarily so.


Checking out things further, I’ve found that there are actually people who are quite satisfied with DisciplesCross. However, to generate substantial income, they aren’t relying on Pastor Raymond’s buyback policy but rather, are selling and marketing their crafted items themselves. This makes it a viable business opportunity for anyone who enjoys crafting items and selling it for a profit.

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