What is 5G? In the field of telecommunication 5G is the latest cell phone technology, which stands for the fifth generation. It is an advanced generation of wireless technology to enhancing mobile technology. As we all Know Technology helps us to complete our daily tasks very easily and in less duration. 5G technology signal speed can reach up to 1500 feet without any attenuation. 5G is novice technology after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G allow us a network of machine and devices that are used to connect virtually everyone. The major difference between 4G and 5G is that 5G is 100 times faster than 4G. Now a day’s our needs of daily life in personal and professional life are increasing so we need to upgrade our previous technology. 5G is an upgrade higher frequency radiohttps://npfinancials.com.au/
waves version than the previous 4G cellular network. 5G also means a new future for the technology world. How does 5G technology work? In this technology large amount of data can be transmitted over the wireless network because it has more bandwidth. In 5G networks, each cell uses a system of cell sites that divide into sectors and transmit encoded information via radio waves. Each cell site connected to a network backbone in a wired or wireless manner.
5G technology is not limited to the new radio spectrum as compared to earlier generations. It is developed to support heterogeneous network wireless technologies. 5G structure is software-defined platforms that can create sub-network constructs known as network slices. These slices allow network administrators to guide network functionality based on users and devices. Difference between 4G and 5G 1. Reliability: 5G is more reliable due to the high band spectrum. In this spectrum, your devices will access superfast speed.
2. Latency: It is the amount of time taken by devices to generate communication with each other. In 5G technology, a huge amount of information is sent and receive in milliseconds.
3. Speed: 5G technology work in the real-time world due to its great speed. Its speed range from ~50 Mbit/s to over a gigabit/s.
4. Capacity: Due to a wider bandwidth number of the latest electronic Gadgets can connect very easily to one another in 5G technology. Advantages of 5G Technology: 1.5G technology provides a greater speed in the transmissions and peer-to-peer communication.
2. It has a lower latency and greater capacity bandwidth available.
3. A greater number of devices connectivity possible and implementing virtual networks.
4. It develops robotic medical advancement, AI diagnostics, and telemedicine.
5. Evolution of the internet of things like doorbell cameras, fitness tracker, and alarm system. Application of 5G Technology: 1. Automation Industries
2. Data Analytics and testing
3.Green Technology
4. Emergency Communications

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