Many web development projects – large and small alike –

can produce difficulties for both sides of the

designer/client relationship. There are opportunities for

designers and clients to become frustrated. Most

businesses have little experience of commissioning s  https://FallsViewsCasino.comweb

projects, and for designers it is difficult to communicate

their needs to clients.

There are a number of concepts that will help both

sides of the relationship, and most importantly from the

client side of the equation, keep costs down.


Spend Smart


Remember what services you are buying. Paying a web

designer to carry out data entry or word-processing tasks

for your web project is not a cost effective use of your

web budget.



Unless you are engaging your designer to carry out

copywriting or copyediting services for you, try to ensure

that the source materials are in a form as close to the

final product as possible.


Plan Properly


Get as much work done up front as possible. Changes are

easier in the planning stages than in the execution. If

you are uncomfortable with the colours or layout at the

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