It seems like fast never quite rates fast enough.

No matter how quickly something moves, especially on the
Internet, it could always move faster.

Email, web surfing, downloading files (legally of course),
none of them ever go as quickly as we want or expect.

Well, let me do my part to perpetuate this microwave
mentality (why must popcorn take 3 ½ minutes instead of 2?)
by giving you some tips and hints for making your online
experiences and overall computing as fast as possible (even
on a dial up connection).

** Hit The Accelerator **

Sensing a need for faster Internet access in markets where
broadband cable or DSL can’t or won’t go, Internet Service
Providers (ISP’s) like NetZero offer Internet

Using a system of caches, compression schemes, and other
technology to double or even triple your dial-up connection
speeds, Internet accelerators can save you hours spent
waiting for simple web pages to appear in your browser.
Though they won’t work for everyone in every single
situation, check out, and for more information.

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