“Corporate or organisational change”. Big words, but what
do they mean?

Within an organisation there is a culture, sometimes
good sometimes bad. Some of it is subtle, like how does
an organisation and the staff adopt and use technology?

This article concentrates on Technology Adoption and

It strikes me, having worked with computers since the
early 80’s and used email since the mid 80’s that some
people have not reached the 20th century let alone the
21st century. I liken it to a car. Most people drive a car
and use all the gears; with technology most people seem
to use 1st and maybe 2nd gear but do not even know that
it has 1 maybe 3 more gears.

Technology seems to be a big mystery still to a lot of
people. Well what do we do?

Technology can make an organisation and staff so much
more productive; make internal and external
communications so much easier and efficient. Reporting
on events, finances are so much easier with the use of
technology. That is, save time and money.

Technology is providing a revolution in the workplace
and at home. The problem is that most humans have not
caught up with 10% of it yet.

I have some suggestions and plans about how we can make
organisation and staff much more in tune with the latest IT
(Information Technology)

Information Technology (IT) Plan
Each organisation really needs an IT plan. What technology
do you need, what training do you need, how will you
implement IT across the organisation? What do you need
and what can you afford, or can you not afford not to have
the time and money involved? If you are still doing things
manually and have a mountain of paperwork, will your
organisation be around in 2 years time? Should you buy
or lease some our all of your IT needs?

Staff Training and awareness
One critical thing I have found is that an organisation can
provide the latest technology but staff need training in how
to use it and on an ongoing basis. It is not good enough to
have one session on some new technology and then say
that is it!

There seems to be some fear of IT and some reluctance
to learn and adopt sometimes as well, this can be for an
individual or an organisation as a whole.

I believe one should use and reflect IT internally so that
externally you will be seen as a user of IT.

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