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Assessing the machine against all odds is an ambitious endeavor and you will need a tool that may assist you in this procedure. 1 such predominantly used instrument by rooting Testers is Selenium. If you’re a beginner and would like to understand how Selenium works tirelessly, then you’ve landed in the ideal location. In the following guide, I’ll provide you short insights about Selenium WebDriver Architecture.


It’s highly flexible in regards to examining functional and regression test instances. and Selenium test scripts could be written in various programming languages such as Java, Python, C# and a lot more. These test scripts may operate across various browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and provides assistance across various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris. Selenium also supports cross surfing at which the test cases run across different platforms concurrently. Additionally, it aids in generating powerful, browser-based regression automation suites and execute evaluations.

I hope you knew that the principles of Selenium. Now let us proceed further and comprehend many tools which can be found in the Selenium Suite.

Selenium is mainly comprised of a package of resources, including:

Selenium IDE


Selenium RC

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium GridSelenium IDE

It’s among the easiest frameworks from the Selenium Suite. It lets us playback and record the scripts. Should you would like to make scripts using Selenium IDE, then you have to use Selenium RC or even Selenium WebDriver to compose more advanced and powerful test instances.Then let us see what’s Selenium RC.

Selenium RC


Selenium RC, also referred to as Selenium 1, has been the primary Selenium job for quite a very long time prior to the WebDriver mix brought up Selenium 2. It mainly depends on JavaScript for automation.  It supports virtually every browser on the market.

Notice: Selenium RC is formally deprecated.Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a browser automation frame that takes orders and sends them into a browser. It’s implemented via a browser-specific driver.   and JavascriptSelenium WebDriver affirms the following:

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