Architecture plays a wide role in enhancing the beauty of city and it also marks their lifestyle of the people living in that city and most important their development too. Historical Buildings are immortal but still they play as strongest evidence that provide us a lot of information about the life style and culture of different cities. Architecture plays a wide role in a city’s infrastructure development and one among them is the conservation architecture. Conservation architecture is one among the popular form of architecture found now in all the cities where they consider it important to conserve each and every monument.
Conservation architecture can be defined as an inmate knowledge that is used to preserve the historical building that gives a lot of information and this conservation architecture is the mix up

of the modern technology that works with the latest developing science. With the help of this technology it has become possible to safe guards the oldest historical buildings. Conservation architecture can also be defined as a purest art form of the modern architecture and this purest form of modern architecture is used as tool to preserve the oldest art of history.
Edinburgh city in the famous United Kingdom can be marked as the purest form of this mix up art of architecture. The whole city still remains preserved under the same gothic look as same as the 17th centuries. These historical infrastructure marks the proud historical heritage of the city. This city marks the hard work that has been indulged for preserving these historical traditions. This modern mix architecture has played a vital role in the process of conserving. Conserving a building doesn’t mean the renovation of the old building or altering it using the modern methods but it’s just preserving the oldest moments as the same with the fundamental qualities of the infrastructure.
The Edinburgh can be the best example that can be ever considered for the art of conservation architecture. This city’s peaks about the regal genuine looks of the same older 17th century and this hard attempt has given a great proud to their whole nation too. The Edinburgh architects are really very good at their work. The conservative architects need to have a certain attachment towards their city only then this certain attachment would motivate them to give in their best to preserve the monument in their city. Each and every building has its stories and the buildings of the cities go through each and every happy and sad moment of the city let it be celebration or even at the times of sorrow. There are a lot of famous projects which have been done by the Edinburgh architects and the work done by them is just perfect they have understood the complete architecture which has been done before and without much changes they fixed up all the damages. It is also the duty

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